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China Lvquan RCO catalytic combustion  from Lvquan furnace is an efficient technology for treating waste gas, widely used in industries such as chemical, printing and dyeing, electronics, and medicine. However, how high is the concentration of waste gas that RCO catalytic combustion furnaces can process? This article will explore it from different perspectives.

RCO catalytic incinerator equipment

Selection of catalysts

There are various types of catalysts for RCO catalytic combustion furnaces, including precious metals, metal oxides, rare earth oxides, etc. Different types of catalysts have different adaptation ranges for the concentration of treated exhaust gas. For example, precious metal catalysts can treat waste gases with lower concentrations, while metal oxide catalysts are suitable for the treatment of high concentration waste gases. Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to choose appropriate catalysts based on the concentration of exhaust gas.

Composition of exhaust gas

The composition of exhaust gas that RCO catalytic combustion furnace can process is also an important factor affecting its processing capacity. In general, RCO catalytic combustion furnaces are suitable for treating waste gases containing pollutants such as organic compounds, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide. However, for exhaust gases containing strong acidic gases such as chlorides and fluorides, the treatment effect of RCO catalytic combustion furnaces will be greatly reduced.

Processing temperature

The processing temperature of RCO catalytic combustion furnace is generally between 200 ℃ and 500 ℃. Different exhaust gas components have different requirements for treatment temperature. For example, for high concentration VOCs waste gas, a higher treatment temperature is required to achieve the desired treatment effect.

In summary, the concentration of exhaust gas that RCO catalytic combustion furnace can process depends on factors such as catalyst selection, exhaust gas composition, and treatment temperature. In practical applications, it is necessary to comprehensively consider these factors and choose appropriate catalysts and treatment temperatures to achieve the desired treatment effect.

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